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Starsand is a mystic survival game set among the dunes of an arcane desert.

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Global 04 Nov, 2021 Tunnel Vision Studio 7 GB English
$21.16 $18.51

About the game

Your day started as planned. Motivated and full of ambition you started the run of your life, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by like-minded people. The months of hard training should finally bear fruit. Suddenly, you were caught in a monstrous sandstorm and now you find yourself alone in an inhospitable, hot environment. Deserted and merciless, an ocean of sand stretches to the horizon.

You feel the scorching heat on your skin, sand blowing right at your face, far and wide only vast desert ... but wait, what is that? Something is moving in the far distance. What happened?

Your first thought: Survival.
Your second thought: Rescue will surely come.
The bitter realization: No one will come, you are completely on your own.
The big question: Where are you and why are there two moons in the night sky?

Find shade, find water, find life. Use your energy wisely, avoid too much effort in the heat, keep warm in the coldest nights. You must keep your wits to survive.

Starsand is THE desert survival game. Dangers, mysteries, and puzzles await you! Find out what exactly happened, where you are and what connects you to the history of an extinct civilization. Will you manage to survive in the inhospitable environment, find answers and find your way back to your old life?


System requirements

OS Processor
Windows 7 Intel i3 (4th Generation) or equivalent AMD, min. 2.0 GHz
Memory Storage
8 GB 7 GB
Graphics: DirectX
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or equivalent AMD Version 11
OS Processor
Windows 10 Intel i5 (4th Generation) or equivalent AMD, min. 2.4 GHz
Memory Storage
16 GB 7 GB
Graphics: DirectX
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent AMD Version 11
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