Endzone - A World Apart
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Endzone - A World Apart

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In 2021, a group of terrorists blew up nuclear power plants around the world and plunged the world into chaos. Only few were able to escape into underground facilities called "Endzones".

Regions: Release date: Company: Size: Languages:
Global 18 Mar, 2021 Gentlymad Studios 6 GB English
$20.73 $14.73

About the game


The world as we know it is gone. Build a new home for the last human survivors on earth! Give them shelter and a house. Fulfill their basic needs with steady water and food supplies, educate them, ensure their survival and help them stay motivated with over 50 different buildings.

As the leader of your settlement, coordinate and assign different professions and tasks. Let your people gather & refine many different resources and manage your economy by building an efficient infrastructure with streets, depositories and markets.

Every ground cell in the game features dynamically simulated humidity and radiation. Watch as rain clouds irrigate your soil or prepare for constant fights against contaminated rain bringing devastating radiation to your lands.

The climate has changed! Prepare for recurring and agonizing droughts and plan ahead by stocking up food and water. Every cycle is a new challenge! Withstand the unstoppable sandstorm, as it destroys buildings and brings deadly radiation.

The invisible danger of radiation is still haunting the surface with contaminated rain. Protect your people from radiation sickness with special gear. Clean water with active coal filters, build roofs on your fields and dig up the ground as a last resort to remove radiation from your land.

The world is in shambles but some of the manmade fragments still remain. Send expeditions to ruins and long forgotten places and make meaningful decisions that change the fate of your people.

System requirements

OS Processor
Windows 10 64-Bit I5-2500K, 4-Cores @3.30 GHz or equivalent AMD-Hardware
Memory Storage
8 GB 6 GB
Graphics: DirectX
GeForce GTX 760 Version 11
OS Processor
Windows 10 64-Bit Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8320
Memory Storage
8 GB 6 GB
Graphics: DirectX
AMD Radeon R9 280 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Version 11
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